What should you do if your boat runs aground and you determine that there are no leaks?

What do you do if your vessel is aground and you find that there aren’t any leaks?

If your boat is running aground, you’re in trouble.

  1. Do not place the boat into reverse. Instead you should stop the engine and then raise the outdrive.
  2. Move your weight towards the region closest to the point of impact.
  3. Do your best to push away from the bottom of the rock or reef using an axe or hooks for boats.
  4. Make sure that your boat isn’t taking into water.

What should you do when your boat is stranded and you are sure there aren’t any leaks? Put the engine on reverse and make sure to shift the weight back to the rear of the boat. Once it is rocked, it to push it away with the help of a boathook or paddle. the mayday call using megaphone?

What should you do when your boat is stranded and you discover that there aren’t any leaks? Place the engine in reverse and then gun it. Transfer the weight to the rear of the boat and rock it. Try to pull it off using an anchor or paddle.

What is the initial procedure to take when the vessel is stranded?

As with any incident, the first action is stopping the vehicle and evaluate the situation. Therefore put the engine off and determine if anyone has been seriously injured. If yes then contact the authorities using Your VHF radio and broadcast an emergency signal immediately to notify other boaters that you require help.

What should you do if you’re trapped in a storm that is affecting your vessel?

If you’re caught by severe storms, you must decide whether you’d like to stay at the shore or ride through the storm.

  1. If you can, try to find the closest beach or harbour that is safe to enter.
  2. The bow should be pushed into the waves at 45 degrees.
  3. Be on the lookout for any other boats, debris or shoals. Also, look out for stumps.

What can you do if your boat gets sunk 100m from shore?

If your boat capssizes and you’re over 100m from shore, don’t attempt to swim back to shore! Waves are a key reason for capsizing, particularly when they’re unexpected. Make sure to anticipate all waves and point the bow towards the waves.

What do you need to remember to do if someone falls overboard?

If a person is injured and falls overboard

  1. Reduce speed and throw your victim in a lifejacket PFD, unless you are certain that they are already wearing a lifejacket, or a PFD.
  2. Change the direction of your pleasure craft and slowly move towards the victim, advancing towards the victim either from the downwind direction or in the current, depending on which is more powerful.
  3. Put the motor off.
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